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Preparing For the Upgrade

Before you can move Active Directory to a new replacement computer, you must first perform some preliminary steps to prepare for the upgrade:

  • Install a new version of Windows Server on the replacement computer
  • Verify the suitability of the new server
  • Add the necessary server roles
  • Promote the new server as a domain controller (DC).
  • Back up the domain
  • Prepare a test lab
  • Add alias names (optional).

For more information on each step, select the topic from the left panel. help menu (top).

Review the Microsoft AD Migration Guide

We recommend that you read and review the comprehensive Microsoft guide Active Directory Domain Services and DNS Server Migration Guide. Also read and review the information for Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016 as applicable (also applies to Windows Server 2019-2022).

U-Move will not do the whole migration for you, but it will help automate many of the steps listed in the guide, including data collection, AD replication verification, DNS migration, and FSMO role migration. U-Move will also check the post-upgrade steps that are not addressed in the guide, such as swapping the static IP address and/or the computer name.