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U-Move for Active Directory


What is U-Move?

U-Move™ lets you move, recover, clone, or migrate the Microsoft® Active Directory® database for backup, recovery, testing, or upgrade.

U-Move allows you to do the following:

  • Make daily snapshots of Active Directory (AD).
  • Restore Active Directory from a backup.
  • Rescue Active Directory from a non-bootable computer.
  • Clone or copy Active Directory to a test computer or virtual machine (VM).
  • Migrate Active Directory up to the cloud.
  • Upgrade and move Active Directory to a replacement computer that is running a newer version of Windows Server.

We also offer an AD Recovery and Consulting Service to run U-Move for you while you watch.

Note: This document uses the term Active Directory for Active Direction Domain Services (AD DS). Other services such as Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) or Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) will always be identified explicitly.

U-Move is part of the U-Tools software suite. For more information click a topic from the left panel. help menu (top).