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Backing Up Active Directory


U-Move can create a snapshot of Active Directory and write it to a backup file (.BKF file). The .BKF file will contain the minimal data files required to restore or recover Active Directory.

The backup operation runs quickly in the background (1-5 minutes is typical). It does not interrupt AD service.

You can also automatically back up AD on a daily or weekly schedule.

Always Safe

Creating a backup with U-Move is always safe. The backup operation will not modify the content of your Active Directory database in any way.

U-Move uses exactly the same procedure that Microsoft uses to create a snapshot of the System State, except the snapshot is smaller and transportable to another computer.

System State Is Not Sufficient

The backup includes the minimal information needed to restore Active Directory on another computer. The backup includes important additional information outside of the System State that is needed to move Active Directory to a different computer.