U-Tools: Unique Tools for Windows® System Administrators

What Are the U-Tools?

The U-Tools are designed to help you, the Microsoft® Windows® System Administrator, keep your organization’s most sensitive data safe and protected against loss due to fire, earthquake, theft, hackers, or a hundred other disasters that could hit your data center.

And, yes, sometimes you might make a blunder on the keyboard while your admin privileges are turned on. And pfft, your root primary domain controller goes down. And stays down.

So now Active Directory® is offline. Everyone’s logon security credentials have stopped working. Nobody can get any work done. It’s a crisis, and everyone is looking at you.

What do you do?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could

The Solution

The solution is to get U-Tools, the low budget software utility suite designed by, and for, system administrators like you. The U-Tools were created by system administrators who understand your problems. Press the More Info button for more information on how the U-Tools can protect your organization from potential disaster.


More Info


U-Tools™ is a trademark of U-Tools Software LLC.

What's New

Announcing U-Move Version 2.2

U-Tools Software LLC is pleased to announce the release of U-Move Version 2.2 for Windows Server. U-Move 2.2 adds support for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). AD FS provides single...

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Announcing U-Move Version 2

U-Tools Software LLC is pleased to announce the release of U-Move Version 2 for Windows Server. U-Move 2 adds support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. New Feature: Active...

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Feedback: A Kick Ass Product

I just wanted to write you guys and say THANK YOU for such a kick ass product! It saved my client’s ass for sure. They had awful, corrupted backups but I was able to recover their data from...

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Feedback: You Saved Me

The Short: I want to marry you and have your babies. The Long: First off, this is a bit long and detailed, but there is a point to this in the end. Please be patient. :) I work for a small software...

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Feedback: Days not Weeks

Words cannot express the thanks and deep gratitude I have for you and the software you have created.   Without it we could not have completed the AD HW refresh they had on the books for years.  ...

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Feedback: Technical Support

The technical support you provided for me as a brand new user of your software was the best I have ever personally received and as good as anybody could possibly expect – thank you very much!...

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