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U-Move Help
Preparing the Destination Computer

To prepare the destination computer for cloning, you can choose to either install a fresh copy of Windows or re-use an existing installation.

Installing a fresh copy of Windows

This is the recommended approach. A fresh installation of Windows ensures that your computer is “clean” and eliminates any pre-existing system instability on your computer.

You need to install the same base server operating system that was installed on the original computer. See the Compatibility Matrix. For example if the original computer ran Windows Server 2019 then the destination computer should also run an edition of Windows Server 2019.

During the installation interview, give the new computer a new temporary Internet address and a new temporary computer name. Do not use the same Internet address nor the same computer name as the original computer. U-Move will copy your original computer's name and Internet address during the move procedure.

Add the following AD-related roles if you want U-Move to copy their data from the source computer: Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), DHCP Service, IIS, WINS, and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

To add the roles go to Control Panel and click on System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager, and select Add Role. If you omit an AD-related role that was on the original computer, U-Move will remind you to add it. (You do not need to add the Active Directory role or the DNS role - U-Move will do it automatically.)

If moving from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2008 R2 run adprep to prepare AD for R2.

Skip the Post-Installation Steps

Do not run DCPROMO or boot WinPE/WinRE (not necessary).

Do not activate your Windows Product Key yet; wait until after you move AD.

Do not install any applications yet except for AD-related applications that you want U-Move to copy (Exchange, SharePoint).

Do not install any anti-virus software yet. Wait until after you move AD. If you already installed anti-virus software, temporarily disable it.

Windows Update: Install all Required Updates

Go to Windows Update and install the most recent required updates from Microsoft. A reboot might be necessary.

U-Move will warn you if you forget to install critical updates that are required for Active Directory.

Re-using an existing installation of Windows

Re-using an existing installation of Windows is not recommended. However it can save time when using a non-critical computer. For example, during testing of Active Directory on a test computer.

Verify that the computer is running the same operating system and service pack as the source computer.

Go to Windows Update and apply the most recent security fixes that were applied on the original computer.

Review network settings

If you plan to skip copying the Internet addresses from the old computer, review the Internet address settings and the DNS client settings on the new computer. Make sure the box Register this connection's addresses in DNS is checked. (U-Move will warn you if it detects any potential problems with your network settings.)