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U-Move Help

Steps for Testing

To copy Active Directory for testing, use the following procedure:

  1. Install and run U-Move on the source computer. Take a snapshot of Active Directory.
  2. Prepare the test computer and install U-Move on it.
  3. Transfer the .BKF file or the backup tape/media to the test computer.
  4. Run U-Move on the test computer. Load Active Directory into the test computer.
  5. Fix up DNS settings if necessary.
  6. Run your tests on Active Directory.
Warning: The test computer must be isolated

Warning: Before doing step 4 make sure that the test computer is isolated from your production network. Otherwise your tests could “leak” over to your real Active Directory via replication.

As a precaution U-Move will scan your network to verify that the source computer is not accessible.

For more information

See Creating a Test Forest.