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Moving the WSUS Database

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) allows a site administrator to control the distribution of Microsoft product updates to client computers within the organization. Desktop computers will download updates from the local WSUS website instead of from the Microsoft website Windows Update.

The WSUS database tracks the Windows Update installation packages that you have downloaded and the desktop computers that have installed them.

The WSUS database can become quite large in size (several gigabytes). You can re-create the database by re-installing WSUS. When you re-install WSUS it will rebuild its database by running an inventory on all your desktop computers to collect a list of software patches that are installed on each computer.

Because of the large size of the WSUS database U-Move does not move WSUS by default. Instead, we recommend that you wait to install WSUS until after you move Active Directory.

How to Move the WSUS Database