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Moving Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server provides e-mail, groupware, and calendar services for your organization.

A key component of Exchange is the “mailbox store”. The mailbox store is a large database that contains all of the user mailboxes, group messages, and calendar information.

U-Move can move the mailbox store (sometimes called the Exchange database) to your new computer. U-Move is compatible with Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007.

U-Move is designed primarily to move Active Directory, so it operates only on a domain controller. U-Move moves Exchange as a courtesy as part of moving AD. It will not move Exchange to/from a non-domain controller. Exchange 2019 is designed to run only on a non-DC, which is why U-Move does not support moving it.

To move Exchange use the following procedure:

  1. Prepare the destination computer for Exchange
  2. Create a dummy domain
  3. Install Exchange
  4. Apply the Exchange service pack
  5. Move AD and the Exchange database
  6. Mount the mailbox database
Background information

U-Move automates the steps described in the following Microsoft article: Moving Exchange 2007 Servers to New Hardware and Keeping the Same Server Name.

For information on Small Business Server see Moving Small Business Server.