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Moving Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server provides e-mail, groupware, and calendar services for your organization.

A key component of Exchange is the “mailbox store”. The mailbox store is a large database that contains all of the user mailboxes, group messages, and calendar information.

U-Move can move the mailbox store (sometimes called the Exchange database) to your new computer. U-Move is compatible with Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.

U-Move is designed primarily to move Active Directory, so it operates only on a domain controller. U-Move moves Exchange as a courtesy as part of moving AD. It will not move Exchange to/from a non-domain controller.

To move Exchange use the following procedure:

  1. Prepare the destination computer for Exchange
  2. Create a dummy domain
  3. Install Exchange
  4. Apply the Exchange service pack
  5. Move AD and the Exchange database
  6. Mount the mailbox database

Exchange 2003: After you install Exchange 2003, you may notice that your computer will delay an extra 10-15 minutes each time it shuts down. This is normal. See the KB article “Exchange Server 2003 Computer Takes Longer Than You Expect to Shut Down” (KB829361).

Background information

For background information on the steps for moving Exchange manually, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base and TechNet articles.

U-Move automates the steps described in the following KB articles:

  • How to Move Exchange 2003 to New Hardware and Keep the Same Server Name (KB822945)
  • Moving Exchange 2007 Servers to New Hardware and Keeping the Same Server Name (TechNet article)

For information on Small Business Server see Moving Small Business Server.