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Warning: Applications installed too soon

When U-Move moves Active Directory to the destination computer it replaces the security identity of the computer. This includes user accounts, passwords, and the Security ID (SID) prefix of the computer.

When preparing the destination computer do not install any applications that are sensitive to changes in security. Applications that are security-sensitive include SQL Server. You must wait to install these applications until after you move AD. Otherwise the applications may not function correctly; the symptoms may include Access Denied errors and the services may fail to start.

(As a general rule for best results you should avoid installing any application not supported by U-Move before moving Active Directory.)

For your protection U-Move will detect security-sensitive applications such as SQL Server and warn you that they need to be uninstalled before loading AD.

How to Fix This Error

The warning message will appear only if you are moving AD to a new computer for the first time and you have installed applications that are known to be security-sensitive. The warning message will not appear if you are reloading AD on the original computer or if you are moving AD a second time (e.g., during repeated testing or training).

You need to uninstall application(s) listed in the warning message. You can re-install the applications after you move AD.

Overriding the Warning Message

You can override the warning message if you do not care that the applications may not run correctly (yet), for example if you plan to later uninstall and re-install the application after you move AD.

How to override this warning