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U-Move Help

Plan Checklist

To move Active Directory to new a new computer or VM with minimal disruption for your users, use the following checklist:

  1. Review the requirements for installing U-Move.
  2. Install and run U-Move in demonstration mode. This will let you become familiar with how U-Move works.
  3. Review the network configuration, especially DNS.
  4. Do a test move on a test computer.
  5. Prepare the destination computer.
  6. Review any applications that you need to move.
  7. On the source computer, run U-Move to take a snapshot of Active Directory.
  8. Transfer the .BKF file or the backup tape/media to the destination computer. Turn off the source computer and disconnect it from the network.
  9. Run U-Move on the destination computer. Load Active Directory into the destination computer.
  10. Check the result and troubleshoot any network problems.
  11. Clean up and uninstall U-Move.

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