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U-Move Help

Warning: Encrypted Files

The .BKF file or backup media contains a file or folder that was encrypted on the source computer. Files are typically encrypted using the Encrypting File System (EFS).

U-Move cannot load the encrypted file(s) because the encryption keys are not available on the destination computer.

How to Fix This Error

If you are doing a planned or test move, go to the source computer and decrypt the file(s). Run Windows Explorer, right-click on the file or folder. On the popup menu select Properties. Click the Advanced button. Uncheck the box Encrypt contents to secure data and click OK.

Next, run U-Move on the source computer to create a replacement .BKF file or backup media. Transfer the replacement media to the destination computer and run U-Move again.

Overriding the Warning Message

If the encrypted file or folder is not required, you can elect to skip the files(s).

U-Move will warn if you the missing files are needed for Active Directory. However, U-Move will generally not warn you if files are missing for any applications.

How to override this warning