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Warning: Timestamp is Corrupt

Active Directory cannot be restored because the NTDS database file (NTDS.DIT) contains a timestamp that is corrupt or is in the future.

This warning can happen if the clock on the source computer was set ahead of the clock on the destination computer. Windows will refuse to restore AD if the database contains a timestamp that is in the future (ahead of the current time of day).

How to Fix This Error

Check the clock on the source computer and on the destination computer. Make sure that sure the clocks are consistent with each other (within one hour). Set both clocks to the current time of day. Verify that both clocks are using a consistent Time Zone (TZ) and Daylight Savings Time (DST) that correspond to the same Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Overriding the Warning Message

How to override this warning

If you override the warning message and still cannot load AD, you can try to repair the NTDS file. See Need to Repair the NTDS Database and follow the instructions listed.