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Warning: Insufficient Disk Space

The computer does not have enough disk space to complete the requested operation.

How to Fix This Error

To work around this error, delete unneeded files on the system drive (usually C:) or the SYSVOL drive (if different from C:). Or increase the size of the disk partition.

To load Active Directory you need sufficient free space on the system disk for the following files:

  • \Windows\NTDS\NTDS.DIT
  • \Windows\NTDS\*.log
  • \Windows\SYSVOL\* (Including all sub-folders)
  • \Windows\NtFrs\* (Plus 128 megabytes free space)
  • \Windows\System32\Config\*
  • \Windows\System32\DNS\*

An additional minimum 200 megabytes is required for a safety cushion and for future growth of Active Directory.

How to override this warning