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U-Move Help

Moving Application Databases

U-Move can help you move certain Microsoft applications that have databases that are closely connected with Active Directory.

To assist you in moving these special applications, U-Move can move their associated databases for you. U-Move can move the databases for the following Microsoft applications:

For more information click on the above links.

To select which application database to move, use Advanced Options.

Install the applications before moving AD

For U-Move to load the databases you need to first install the supported applications and roles listed above. Do this while preparing the destination computer.

U-Move will remind you if it detects any missing roles of applications that were installed on the source computer but not on the destination computer.

Unsupported Applications

Do not install any other unsupported applications before moving AD . Do not, for example, install SQL Server or Systems Management Server (SMS). Wait until after you move Active Directory. Once you have successfully moved Active Directory (and verified that it is working okay) you can then safely install all other applications.