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Warning: Network Configuration Error

U-Move has detected a network configuration error that might prevent Active Directory from functioning correctly. You need to correct the error before U-Move will continue.

This is typically due to configuring incorrect settings on a network interface connection (NIC) device on the new computer.

Some common network configuration errors that U-Move will detect include the following:

  • The Internet Address of the old computer and the new computer are on the same network, but their addresses are different (Example: and The old and new computers must never share the same network at the same time. (Why?) You should instead copy the IP address to the new computer.
  • The IPv4 subnet mask on the old computer (Example: conflicts with the IPv4 subnet mask on the new computer (Example: Both subnet masks must be the same.
  • The IPv6 network prefix length on the old computer (Example: 64) conflicts with the IPv6 network prefix length on the new computer (Example: 48). Both prefix lengths must be the same.
  • The DNS client address settings are inconsistent. For example, the IPv4 DNS client address is set to contact a remote DNS server at, but the default local IPv6 DNS client address (::1) was not removed. Windows prefers IPv6, so it will contact the local computer first. It will ignore the DNS server at If the local DNS server has an empty database and no forwarders (by default Windows installs an empty DNS when you promote a DC), it will report NO DATA, causing all of its DNS queries to fail. The domain controller will appear to be offline. (This problem is common.)

If the error is not corrected, the other computers on the network might not be able to see the new computer.

How to Fix This Error

To fix the NIC network settings go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center. Click on Change adapter settings (upper-left). Select the NIC and right-click on Properties. In the pop-up dialog scroll down and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click the button Properties.

Then quit and re-start U-Move.

How to override this warning

For more information

See Troubleshooting a Remote Connection.