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Test Copy

You can copy Active Directory to a computer located on an isolated network for testing purposes. This lets you try out changes to Active Directory without fear of harming your production network.

Microsoft recommends that you validate the compatibility of all security-related configuration changes in a test forest before you introduce them in a production environment.

Testing is especially important if you plan to make major or irreversible changes to Active Directory. These changes include switching the domain from Mixed Mode to Native Mode, raising the Forest Functional Level, or modifying the AD database schema.


A test environment is useful for training or acquiring Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) certification.

Safe to Use

U-Move is always safe to run on the source computer.

Testing on a Virtual Machine

You can use either a physical computer or a virtual machine (VM). A VM is the recommended choice, as it is easier to “reset” and can guarantee network isolation because it does not run on real network hardware. U-Move is compatible with all major virtual machine software products, such as VMware® and Microsoft® Hyper-V™..

U-Move also works with VM cloud services such as Amazon AWS (EC2), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, and IBM.

For more information

See the topics Steps for Testing and Creating a Test Forest.