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Need to Repair the NTDS Database

U-Move was unable to prepare the database file (NTDS.DIT) for loading into Active Directory because the database file has failed JET integrity checks.

How To Fix This Error

You need to repair the copy of the original NTDS.DIT file that is in the staging folder before U-Move can prepare it for loading into Active Directory.

To repair the NTDS database use the following procedure:

  1. Extract the Active Directory files into the temporary staging folder.
  2. While U-Move is still open, create an administrative console window.
  3. Type the following commands to recover and repair the NTDS.DIT file:

    \StagingFolder\SysState\Active Directory"
    mkdir backup
    copy * backup
    esentutl /r edb /8 /t /d /o
    esentutl /p .\ntds.dit /8 /o

  4. Close the console window.
  5. Go back to the U-Move window and click on Next to continue.
For more information

For more information on using ESENTUTL.EXE see Active Directory database repair after Domain Controller failure.