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Move AD and the Exchange Database

Run U-Move to move Active Directory (AD) and the Exchange mailbox database to the new computer. When running U-Move select the advanced option to move Exchange. Select the advanced option on both the source computer and the destination computer.

U-Move will run several tests to verify the suitability of the Exchange installation. It will verify that the installation path(s) for the Exchange data files match the original computer, and it will verify that the version and service pack of Exchange are compatible.

What U-Move Will Do

U-Move will overwrite the dummy domain information with the real Active Directory domain database. This includes the Exchange site information in AD.

U-Move will load the Exchange mailbox store. This will overwrite the dummy mailbox store that you created during the initial installation of Exchange.

U-Move will copy the registry settings for Exchange from the original computer.

Finally, U-Move will reboot the computer.

Upon reboot the computer will have exactly the same Exchange AD site, the same mailbox database, and the same registry configuration settings as the original computer.

Congratulations, you are done moving Exchange!

Next step: Mount the Mailbox Database

Moving Exchange