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U-Move Help

Check for Software Update

U-Move will periodically check for software updates. If a new version of U-Move is available a popup message will appear asking if you want to download and install the update. Click or tap on Yes to install the update.

How to disable the automatic check for software updates

To disable the automatic check for software updates, position the mouse over the U-Move dialog window. Click the alternate mouse button (usually the right mouse button), or press and hold your finger on the touchscreen window, or press the keys Shift+F10 on the keyboard. A popup menu will appear. Click or tap on on Override.

Click or tap the box next to Ignore warning: Software update is available.

Click or tap on Ok to save the new setting.

Note: U-Tools recommends that you do not the disable automatic check for software updates. This will ensure that you have the latest version of U-Recover with the most recent software improvements and bug fixes.