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U-Move Help

Need License Code

Your computer does not have a license code to perform the requested operation.

To run U-Move you need to purchase a license code. Without a license code U-Move will run in demonstration mode.

Demonstration mode allows you to walk through the steps involved in the move process. U-Move will detect and report to you any potential problems it encounters. These include any compatibility issues, Active Directory problems, service pack conflicts, missing Windows components, or any other known issues.

For cloning or restoring AD you can do everything up to, but not including, clicking the final Finish button on the destination computer or VM.

For upgrading AD you can do everything up to the backup step.

How to buy a license code

You can purchase a license code at u-tools.com. You will receive a license code within 60 seconds of entering your credit card information.

How to enter the license code

To enter your license code, right-click the mouse button (or long-press the touchscreen). A popup menu will appear. Select Enter License Code. Type in your new license code when prompted; capitalization is not important.

You can use the same copy of U-Move that you installed in demonstration mode. (You do not need to download U-Move again.)

With your license code you can use all the functionality of U-Move, including clicking the Finish button to clone or restore AD, or to continue to the next step when upgrading AD.

How to install the license code on a remote computer

When you are prompted for the logon name and password to connect to the remote computer, check the box labeled Install license code. This will bring up a list of license codes that are already installed on your desktop computer. Click on the license code that you want to install on the remote computer, then click Ok to install the license code.