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U-Move Help

Extend Your Support Plan

Your purchase of U-Move includes technical support and unlimited free software upgrades for at least one year. The software itself never expires, and you can continue to install and use the software as long as you wish.

You can extend your support plan to receive technical support and unlimited software upgrades for one or more additional years for a nominal fee.

How to extend your support plan

You can extend your support plan at u-tools.com/extend. Upon completion of your purchase you will immediately receive a new license code that contains the updated support expiration date.

Lapse of extension offer

If you wait more than 180 days after the expiration date it is possible that the extension offer will eventually be withdrawn. If this happens you will be advised (during checkout) that you need to purchase a new U-Move license to receive additional technical support or upgrades for new versions of the software.

If you do receive a extension offer it will be back-dated to the lapsed expiration date.

How to update your software

When you extend your support plan you will receive a new license code with the new expiration date. To enter the license code, right-click the mouse button (or long-press the touchscreen). A popup menu will appear. Select Enter License Code. Type in your new license code when prompted; capitalization is not important.