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Instructions for Service Request

Follow these instructions before you submit your request to ask us to recover your Active Directory database:

  • Prepare Windows Server. Download and install U-Move on it. No purchase is necessary.
  • Provide remote access to your site using your preferred method (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, etc). We do not recommend using Zoom because of its security issues.
  • Use your usual method to access your server from your desktop PC: Microsoft Remote Desktop, VM console, etc. Install your teleconferencing software on your PC. Connect to Windows Server and open a window that displays its desktop. This is called 'double-hop'.
  • Alternately, you can log on to your Windows Server console directly. Grant permission to let us remotely view your server's console screen with Remote Desktop.
  • If your Windows Server runs without a desktop GUI then you must install U-Move on the desktop PC and use the double-hop method.
  • Your teleconferencing software should enable audio and include a text chat box where we can send you console commands that you can paste into your Window Server's console window.
  • We recommend that you turn on the recording feature of your teleconferencing software for the duration of the session. After the session has ended you are responsible for disabling remote access and changing any passwords used during the session.
Basic AD Recovery Service

Schedule your service appointment. If you have a non-expired U-Move Enterprise technical support plan, contact U-Tools to request a service appointment.

Advanced AD Recovery and Consulting Service

Schedule your service appointment.