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U-Move Help

Checking the Post-Upgrade Steps

U-Move will help you to check your post-upgrade steps by testing DNS and Active Directory to confirm that you have correctly swapped the old DC with the new DC.

U-Move will optionally check the following:

  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address was swapped correctly.
  • The old DC was successfully demoted and removed from Active Directory.
  • The old computer was removed from the network.
  • The computer name was swapped correctly in Active Directory.
Running the Post-Upgrade Tests

Check the boxes next to each optional post-upgrade step that you have completed:

  • I have changed the IP address of the new computer to match the old computer
  • I have demoted the old computer. It is no longer a domain controller.
  • I have removed the old computer from the network. It has been permanently turned off.
  • I have changed the name of the new computer to match the old computer.

Click on the button Run Tests to run the post-upgrade tests. Depending on the boxes you checked above, U-Move will test that the new domain controller's IP address matches the old computer, that the new computer's name matches the old computer, and that the old computer was demoted correctly.

After running the tests you can click on the button Print Report to display the Post-Upgrade Test Report in a web page. Review and correct any red error messages that appear in the report.