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U-Recover Professional Edition

The U-Recover Professional (Pro) Edition adds advanced features for use by IT professionals.

To determine if you are running U-Recover Pro, look at the bottom of the application window for the words U-Recover Professional Edition.

Features Included in U-Recover Pro

The features in U-Recover Pro include the following:

Schedule Automatic Snapshots or Restore Points

U-Recover Pro lets you configure and schedule automatic volume snapshots or restore points. You can configure a snapshot or a restore point to be created on a daily or weekly schedule, or you can set up your own custom schedule.

E-mail Notification and Logon Alerts

If an automatic operation fails, U-Recover Pro can send you a warning message to your e-mail account, or it can display an alert notification on your logon screen.

Enterprise Features

U-Recover Pro also adds other advanced features for the enterprise including silent installation, running U-Recover using scripts, and running U-Recover using Group Policy.

Feature Comparison: Free vs Pro

Feature U-Recover
Create shadow copies
(Previous Versions)
in Windows Explorer
View shadow copies
(Previous Versions)
in Windows Explorer
Manage shadow copiesYesYes
View files in a Windows
System Backup Image
Expose shadow copies, restore
points, or image backups
as a disk letter
Schedule shadow copiesYes
Schedule restore pointsYes
Get e-mail alertsYes
Run using scriptsYes
Run using Group PolicyYes

Discounts for Multiple Licenses

Licenses for U-Recover Pro can be purchased at a discount for multiple seats. See the price list.