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U-Recover Help

Unattended Operation (Pro)

U-Recover Professional Edition lets you automate its operation using scripts.

Unattended Mode

To run in unattended mode you need to create a settings file. A settings file is an XML script that contains pre-recorded answers to the questions during the interview.

To create a settings file, walk through the interview up to the point where you want to do the desired operation. Do not click the button to execute the operation. Instead right click or long tap and when the popup menu appears, select Save Settings.

This will write the settings file to the folder where you installed U-Recover (typically C:\Program Files\URecover). The file is named URecoverSettings.xml.

To run in unattended mode

To run U-Recover in unattended mode, open an administrative console and type the following:

cd "C:\Program Files\URecover"   (If using PowerShell)
cd /d "C:\Program Files\URecover"   (If using CMD)
URecover.exe -xml URecoverSettings.xml

You can build a CMD script or a PowerShell script with the above commands. When you click or tap on the script it will run U-Recover without further prompting.


Below are some examples of running U-Recover using scripts.