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U-Recover Help

Viewing a System Image

To view a Windows System Image backup you can use two different methods.

Method 1

Click or tap on the tab View (top), then click or tap on the button View System Backup Image. You will need to first mount the snapshot as a disk letter. See Mounting a System Image for instructions.

A list of mounted images will be shown. Click or tap on View next to the image that you want to view. This will launch Windows Explorer and navigate to the root folder of the disk letter that is hosting the backup image (for example, G:).

Method 2

Right-click (or press and hold down your finger) while inside of U-Recover. A pop-up menu will appear. Select Explore Files using Admin Rights. Navigate to the root of the image (for example, G:).

Keeping the image exposed after finish

If you check the box Keep the backup image mounted after finish, U-Recover will persist the temporary disk letter after you quit the application.

The disk letter will remain mounted until you dismount it.

Caution: Old system images are saved using volume snapshots of the backup disk. Do not depend on old system images to remain available indefinitely. The Windows operating system can drop old volume snapshots at any time without warning, even if they are mounted. For example, an unexpected crash or heavy workload can trigger the Volume Snapshot Service (VSS) to drop old snapshots.