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Protecting Your Files

U-Recover lets you protect your folders and documents by creating a Volume Copy (Previous Version) snapshot. A volume snapshot captures the content of your folders and documents as they existed at a previous point in time.

The snapshot looks like a read-only disk volume. This means that the files and documents that are contained within it cannot be modified or deleted.

The volume snapshot that you create can be viewed from within Windows Explorer. Right-click or long-tap on the name of the folder or document and a pop menu will appear. Select Previous Versions.

U-Recover: Access a volume snapshot as a disk letter

With U-Recover you can expose a volume snapshot as a disk letter. The exposed snapshot looks exactly like a read-only disk volume. You can search it, open files in it, and so on.

Private files cannot be viewed in Windows Explorer

The Microsoft built-in Previous Versions menu item in Windows Explorer has a significant limitation: You cannot view private files in a volume snapshot. You can only view files that are owned by yourself or that are public, even if you have full administrative rights on the computer.

U-Recover: View private files in Windows Explorer

Because U-Recover exposes the volume snapshot as a disk letter, your administrative rights are honored exactly like on a normal disk volume. You can view all the private files in the volume snapshot.

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