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U-Recover for Previous File Versions

What is U-Recover?

U-Recover® brings back your favorite Microsoft® Windows® file protection and recovery features from Windows 7 and adds them back to Windows 10 and Windows 11.  You can create and manage Volume Shadow Copies (Previous Versions) in Windows Explorer to protect your files, or set daily System Restore Points to protect your computer from bad applications or device drivers. (Windows File History captures only your personal files and requires an external backup device.)

What is a Volume Shadow Copy?

A Volume Shadow Copy is a read-only snapshot that contains a frozen image of all of the files on your computer disk (for example, C:). The image, called a volume snapshot, represents the state of the disk at a particular point in time. If you delete or accidentally damage a file, you can recover the file in Windows Explorer using the volume snapshot. (In Windows Explorer right-click or long-press and select Previous Versions.)

What Does U-Recover Do?

U-Recover lets you create and manage Volume Shadow Copies (Previous Versions) in Windows Explorer just like you did on Windows 7. You can create snapshots to protect your files and then use Windows Explorer to recover them, or you can schedule automatic daily snapshots or restore points. None of these features are available on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

U-Recover gives you extra file recovery features that go beyond Windows. For example you can expose a snapshot as a disk letter, or view the previous version of a Windows System Backup Image or mount a .VHD file as a disk letter. You can then view, search, or recover files from the disk letter from it any way you want (for example using Windows Search).

U-Recover Professional Edition

U-Recover Professional Edition lets you schedule daily or weekly snapshots or system restore points automatically. It also adds advanced features for the enterprise. These features include unattended installation, running U-Recover using scripts, and running U-Recover using Group Policy.

U-Recover is part of the U-Tools software suite. For more information click a topic on the left panel. help menu (top).