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Unexposing Volume Snapshots

Unexposing All Snapshots

To unexpose all volume snapshots, click or tap on the tab Unexpose (top), then click or tap on the button Unexpose All Snapshots. This will release all disk letters that are connected to Volume Shadow Copy (Previous Version) snapshots or to restore points.

Alternate method: Right-click (or press and hold down your finger). A pop-up menu will appear. Select Dismount all Disk Images. This will unexpose all snapshots, dismount all VHD files, and dismount all Windows System Image Backup images.

Unexposing a Single Snapshot

To unexpose a single snapshot, click or tap on the tab Expose (top). Click or tap on Next. Select the disk that contains the volume snapshot and click or tap on Next.

Under the column Mount on, change the disk letter for the exposed snapshot to a blank space.

Click or tap on Next, then click or tap on the button Expose to unexpose the snapshot.