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Configuring Shadow Copies in Windows Explorer

If you selected the installation option to Integrate U-Recover with Windows File Explorer you can configure volume shadow copies from inside of Windows Explorer using the right-click menu.

  1. Launch Windows Explorer (EXPLORER.EXE)
  2. Navigate to the root of the disk volume that you want to configure (for example, C:).
  3. While the cursor is over the root folder name, right-click the mouse button (or hold your finger down). A popup menu will appear (see below).
  4. In the popup menu click or tap on Configure shadow copies (U-Recover)...
  5. You will see the UAC security prompt. Click on tap on yes to continue.

U-Recover will automatically navigate to the panel for managing volume snapshots on the indicated disk volume.

For more information

See the topic Managing Volume Snapshots.