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U-Recover Help

Deleting Volume Snapshots

U-Recover can delete (or 'drop') a volume snapshot from a disk volume.

How to Delete a Volume Snapshot

Click or tap on the tab Create (top). Then click or tap on Manage next to the name of the disk volume.

You will see a list of snapshots (if any) sorted by date. Click on Delete next to the name and date of the snapshot that you want to delete.

To delete all snapshots, scroll to the bottom of the panel and click or tap on the button Delete All Snapshots.

Delete the oldest snapshot first

To reclaim space on the disk volume, you should delete the oldest volume snapshot first. Otherwise the disk space on the volume might not be reclaimed. This is because the data contained in any intermediate snapshots is still needed to reconstruct the oldest remaining snapshot.

U-Recover will warn you if you attempt to delete a snapshot other than the oldest snapshot.