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File History

In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new method for capturing changes to files called File History. It replaced the Volume Shadow Copy (Previous Versions) feature in Windows 7.

File History backs up your personal files. It requires a connection to a dedicated external storage device or to a cloud service.

The following table compares the file protection features offered by File History, U-Recover, and a full computer backup.

File History compared with U-Recover
Feature File History U-Recover Full Backup
Protection typeFile basedVolume basedVolume based
Protect files of current userYesYesYes
Protect files of all usersNo
(Must opt-in)
Protect all files on the volumeNoYesYes
Protect EFS encrypted filesNoYesYes
Protect against OS failure
or bad drivers
Protect against hardware
failure or viruses
Time to createSeconds to minutesSecondsMinutes to hours
FrequencyPer hour
Per snapshot
(64-256 per volume)
Per backup
Browse files without restoringFile History
Viewer only
(Disk letter)
Browse files with any
utility (grep, findstr, etc)
(Disk letter)
Require external storageYesNoNo
Require UAC elevationNoYesYes

You can use both File History and U-Recover together if you wish. For example, you can use File History to back up your personal files and use U-Recover to schedule weekly restore points for system protection.