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Restore Source and Method

The method for restoring Active Directory depends on the type of backup you have available.

Restore Source: U-Move Snapshot

U-Move can restore Active Directory from a backup snapshot created by U-Move. The snapshot is a small .BKF file. The .BKF file contains the minimum information needed to restore Active Directory. The size of a snapshot is typically only 100MB plus the size of the NTDS.DIT file. To create an automatic daily snapshot see Scheduling a Backup.

Restore Source: Full Backup

U-Move can restore Active Directory from a Windows Server Image Backup.

Restore Source: Dead Disk Image

See Cloning: Copying From a Dead Computer. (This is considered a cloning operation, not a restore operation.)

Restore Method: Simple or Comprehensive

U-Move can do a simple restore of just Active Directory, or it can do a comprehensive restore that will recover additional data that is related to Active Directory. On the same computer choose a simple restore. On a different computer choose a comprehensive restore. For more information see Simple vs Comprehensive Restore.