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Scheduling a Backup

U-Move can back up Active Directory on a daily or weekly schedule. The backup task is created under the Task Scheduler, which is a standard Windows service. The backup task will periodically run U-Move for you to create snapshots of Active Directory.

The backup task will write each snapshot of Active Directory to a .BKF file. AD service is not interrupted. The .BKF file will contain the minimal data files required to restore, recover, or rescue Active Directory. U-Move does not back up the entire operating system (the System State). It backs up only the minimal files needed to restore, recover, or rescue AD. This keeps the size of the file small, making daily backups practical.

The backup task runs quickly (1-5 minutes is typical) and does not interrupt AD service.


To create a scheduled backup task, select I want to back up Active Directory on a daily or weekly schedule. U-Move will ask you a series of questions to determine how to best create the backup task. Click the Next button to proceed to the next question. When you click the Finish button U-Move will create the task in the Windows Task Scheduler.

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Always Safe

Creating a backup with U-Move is always safe. The backup operation will not modify the content of your Active Directory database in any way.

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See also Deleting the Scheduled Backup and Restoring Active Directory.