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U-Move Help

Packaging the Backup

U-Move can package the AD data to a .BKF file or to a tape or backup device.

Windows Server 2008-2016: U-Move will write the .BKF file directly.

Windows Server 2003: U-Move will run NTBACKUP to automatically create backup media, such as a .BKF file or tape.

U-Move will ask you to choose how to create the backup:

  • Package the data into a .BKF file (recommended).
  • Leave the data in the staging folder.
  • Package the data into a dataset on a tape or backup device.

We recommend that you use choose the first option, .BKF file. This guarantees the preservation of all critical file data.

If you are cloning AD, after U-Move is done backing up the data you can transfer the .BKF file from the source computer to the destination computer.