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Rolling Back the Upgrade

When you start the upgrade procedure, U-Move will offer to create a snapshot of Active Directory on each DC in the domain. This is strongly recommended. If you encounter a major uncorrectable problem during the upgrade process you can roll back the domain to its original state by restoring the domain snapshot.

What to Restore

To roll back the upgrade, follow the steps for doing a domain restore. On each DC in the domain, click on the tab Restore.

Select a Comprehensive Restore

When you restore each DC, choose a comprehensive restore. Do not choose a simple restore.

A comprehensive restore ensures all settings are restored. This includes essential data that, while technically not part of the AD database, is closely connected with Active Directory. This includes the computer name, the IP address, the Domain Name Server (DNS) database, the DHCP database, the IIS metabase, the Certificate Services database, and the WINS database.

For more information

See Restore a Domain.