U-Tools: Unique Tools for Windows System Administrators
U-Move Help

Override of Warning Messages

Some warning messages can be ignored by overriding them. To override a warning message, click the Ok button to close the message box. Then position the mouse over the U-Move dialog window. Click the alternate mouse button (usually the right mouse button). Or press Shift+F10 on the keyboard. A popup menu will appear. Click on Override.

Click the check box next to each warning message that you want to override.

Caution: Overriding the warning message could prevent U-Move from completing successfully. Click the Help button and read the information carefully before you decide to override the warning message.

Command Line Override

Warning messages can be overridden on the command line with the option -MvOverride (for moving AD), or -MgOverride (for upgrading or migrating AD), followed by the warning message code number. Example: -MgOverride 3.