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Warning: Replication Test Failed

The Active Directory replication test failed. U-Move was unable to replicate a test record between the old domain controller and the new replacement domain controller. Or one or more third party DCs failed to establish contact to poll either the old DC or the new DC for a replication check.

Inspect the Replication Test Report for additional information about why the test failed. The report will indicate which DC(s) have failed the replication test.

You can safely override this warning for the old domain controller if you have permanently taken it offline.

How to remove a dead DC from Active Directory

If your old DC is dead (permanently offline), you should run Ntdsutil to remove the metadata for the dead domain controller from Active Directory. For details see Clean up Active Directory Domain Controller server metadata (Microsoft).

Overriding the Warning Message

You can safely override and ignore the warning message if the old DC is permanently offline. You can also ignore the warning message if replication is failing with a third-party DC that is permanently offline.

Do not override the warning message if replication is failing between the old DC and the new DC.

How to override this warning