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U-Move Help

Remote Operation

Connecting to a Remote Server

You can run U-Move on your local desktop computer and use it to connect to a remote server. You can perform all the functions of U-Move through the remote connection.

To connect to a remote server click on Connect (upper-left).

You will be prompted to enter the name of the remote server. Type the name into the text box. You can use the Network tree to click on the server's icon to insert the server's name into the text box. (The name will not appear if the server's network security settings hide it.)

Click on Connect to connect to the remote server.

Specify the Remote Computer

To specify the remote computer type in its network name or Internet Address. The following are examples of names and addresses for the remote computer:


The latter three examples are IP Version 6 addresses.

If you use a link-local IPV6 address (fe80::) you must specify the Scope ID of the local computer's outgoing network interface (%4). See the example above.

Enter the User Name and Password

To enter the user name and password, check the box Connect as another user. Type in the remote user name and the password of an administrator on the remote computer. The following are examples of user names:


To save the user name and password for later use, check the box Remember my password.

First Connection: U-Move Remote Agent

The first time you connect to a remote server, U-Move will ask for permission to install the U-Move Remote Agent service on it. This may take a couple minutes. The U-Move Remote Agent service only runs when you start a remote connection. You can uninstall the U-Move Remote Agent with the Control Panel (Programs and Features). U-Move is always safe to install on a source computer.

Trouble Connecting

If you have trouble connecting, see Troubleshooting a Remote Connection and Remote Management.

Trouble with Licenses

If the connection fails to due a license error, check the box Send license code to transmit the license code from your desktop computer to the remote computer. Click on the license code that you wish to send. Then click on Ok. U-Move will re-install the U-Move Remote Agent with the selected license code.