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U-Move Help

Unattended Installation

You can do an unattended installation of U-Move from a script.

Unattended Installation Script

To create an unattended installation script to install U-Move, do the following steps:

  1. Temporarily install U-Move on a desktop PC.
  2. On the desktop PC, go to C:\Program Files\UMove and copy the following files to your installation folder: UMove.msi, UMove64.msi, and Setup.exe.
  3. Create a script in your installation folder that executes the following command:
    .\SETUP.EXE /qb /i UMove64.msi LIC="Lic foo 194-100-ABCDEFG" ↵
         TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files\UMove"
    (Substitute your license code for LIC).
  4. Copy the temporary folder to an installation folder for your Windows Server.

When you run SETUP, this will do an unattended installation of U-Move on the Windows Server.