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U-Move Help

User Account for Backup

Choose the user account for running the scheduled backup task.

Enter the domain name and user name, for example “MyDomain\Administrator”. Then enter the password for the account. The password is required for Windows to log on as the user in order to run the backup task. (The password is stored in encrypted form by the Windows Task Scheduler. U-Move does not retain the password.)

If you do not want to enter a password, you can elect to run the backup task under the System account.

The advantage of running under a user account is that you can see U-Move run as it executes the scheduled backup. You can interact with U-Move to view error messages or to cancel the backup.

To interact with U-Move you must be logged on to the same user account.

Remote Backup

You can write the .BKF file to a remote file share. Indicate the path to the remote file share (for example, \\MyServer\MyShare\AD-Backup-Path).

You need to choose a logon account that has permission to write to the remote file share. (The System account has no permission to access the network.)

Troubleshooting a failed backup

If U-Move fails to back up Active Directory it will report the problem to the Event Log. It will also send an alert message if requested.

You can view detailed information on the cause of the error by inspecting the trace file. The trace file is UMoveTrace.txt and can be found in the folder where you installed U-Move (C:\Program Files\UMove\TraceLogs). You can view the trace file using NOTEPAD.EXE.

For more information

See Scheduled Backup.