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Example: Create a daily scheduled task for snapshots

In this example, you will create an XML script that will create an automatic task for taking a snapshot of the C: volume at 07:15 every day using the Windows Task Scheduler.

Step 1: Create the XML script
  1. Start U-Recover and click or tap on the tab Schedule (top).
  2. Click or tap on Schedule Snapshots.
  3. Find C:\ and click or tap on Schedule.
  4. Click or tap on Daily. Set the time to run the script (Example: 07:15). Check the box to Wake the computer to run the task (optional).
  5. Click or tap on Next to continue.
  6. Select the notification method to alert you if the scheduled task fails. Click or tap on Next to continue.
  7. When you see the button Create Scheduled Task, stop. Do not click or tap on the button. Instead right-click or long-press and a popup menu will appear. Select Save Settings. U-Recover will write the interview questions to the file C:\Program Files\URecover\URecoverSettings.xml.
  8. Rename the file URecoverSettings.xml to MakeVolumeSchedTask.xml
Step 2: Run the XML script

To run the script, open an administrative console and type the following:

cd "C:\Program Files\URecover"   (If using PowerShell)
cd /d "C:\Program Files\URecover"   (If using CMD)
URecover.exe -xml MakeVolumeSchedTask.xml

You can build a CMD file or a PowerShell file with the above commands. When you click or tap on the file, U-Recover will create the scheduled task. The scheduled task will create a daily snapshot of the C: disk at 07:15 every day. (If the scheduled task already exists it will be replaced.)