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Manual Transfer - Not Supported

Instead of creating a .BKF file, you can select Leave the data in the staging folder. I will transfer it later myself. This is called a manual transfer of the staging folder.

Note: We strongly recommend that you do not attempt a manual transfer of the staging folder. Always create a .BKF file (or use a disk image) in order to transfer the data to the remote computer. Only a .BKF file (or disk image) can guarantee the preservation of all the critical data necessary to copy Active Directory correctly.

Not supported: The manual transfer method is not supported.

Manual Transfer: Example

The following example shows the console commands on the source computer that will manually transfer the staging folder to the destination computer (named DestComputer). It requires that you first download the PsExec console utility from Windows Sysinternals.

psexec \\ -e -s -i cmd.exe
net use V: \\DestComputer\C$ /USER:MyDomain\Administrator MyPassword
xcopy C:\StagingFolder V:\StagingFolder /S /E /H /K /I /O ↵
   /V /B /X /Y /R /C

net use V: /delete