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U-Recover Help

Need License Code

Your computer does not have a license code to perform the requested operation.

To run U-Recover you need to purchase a license code.

How to buy a license code

You can purchase a license code at u-tools.com. You will receive a license code within 60 seconds of entering your credit card information.

How to enter the license code

The download file already has your license code embedded inside of it. You do not need to do anything other than simply install it.

If for some reason you need to enter a different license code use the following procedure:

Right-click the mouse button (or long-press the touchscreen). A popup menu will appear. Select Enter License Code. Type in your new license code when prompted; capitalization is not important.

With your license code you can use all the functionality of U-Recover.

U-Recover Professional Edition

The download file for U-Recover Pro already has your license code embedded inside of it.

To determine if you are running U-Recover Pro look for the words U-Recover Professional Edition at the bottom of the app.