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Recovering the Encrypted Backup

If you forgot the encryption passphrase for your backup snapshot file (.BKF) you can recover it by sending a request for a recovery number to U-Tools Software technical support.

How to recover the .BKF file

At the prompt to enter secret passphrase use the following procedure:

  1. Leave the passphrase blank. Instead check the box I forgot the passphrase and I need a recovery code.
  2. Click or tap on Next. The Recovery Request Number (RRN) is displayed. Example: 12345-67890-09876-54321.
  3. Write down the RRN and send an e-mail message to U-Tools Software technical support. We will respond to your query within one business day.
  4. You will receive a Recovery Confirmation Number (RCN) by e-mail. Run U-Move again and check the box I forgot the passphrase and I already have a recovery code.
  5. Click or tap on Next. When prompted, enter the Recovery Confirmation Code that you received from the e-mail response message. Example: 1-98765-43210-01234-56789.
  6. Click or tap on Next. U-Move will decrypt the file using the RCN and load the .BKF file into the staging folder. You can then proceed with loading Active Directory as normal.

You need a non-expired Technical Plan to receive this service.

Expedited Support

Please indicate if you have a U-Move Enterprise license in your message to U-Tools. This will expedite the response with your RCN. Enterprise customers receive priority technical support after business hours and on weekends.