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U-Move Help

Creating a Custom Backup Job

You can script U-Move to run as part of a custom scheduled backup job.

Custom Backup Job Example

The following example creates a custom scheduled backup job that runs in two steps. The first step runs U-Move to back up Active Directory. The second step copies the resulting .BKF file to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for offline archival.

To create the custom backup job do the following:

  1. Create a scheduled task to run U-Move. When U-Move prompts you to enter the staging folder path, type in desired path (example C:\ADBackup). This step creates the XML file, C:\Program Files\UMove\UMoveScheduled.xml.
  2. Create your custom job script file MyUMoveJob.cmd. You can use Notepad (NOTEPAD.EXE) to type in the script:
    cd "C:\Program Files\UMove"
    start -FilePath "UMove.exe" -Wait -ArgumentList ↵
         "-sched -xml UMoveScheduled.xml"
    copy "C:\ADBackup\*.BKF" "\\NAS-Device\Backups\UMove"

    cd "C:\Program Files\UMove"
    start "UMove" /wait UMove.exe -sched -xml UMoveScheduled.xml
    copy "C:\ADBackup\*.BKF" "\\NAS-Device\Backups\UMove"
  3. Run the Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc) to create a new custom scheduled task. Set the new custom task to run MyUMoveJob.cmd
  4. Disable or delete the standard scheduled task that U-Move created.
  5. Run the new custom scheduled task (MyUMoveJob.cmd)

The Task Scheduler will run MyUMoveJob.cmd and copy the .BKF file to the NAS device.