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Instructions for Service Request

Follow these instructions before you sign up for our AD Consulting and Repair Service:

  1. Prepare a description of the problem that you are having with Active Directory. Include any information you think will help us to diagnose your problem. Include the names of the Domain Controllers (DCs), their roles, the version of Windows Server, and the location of the DNS servers. Also include the output from dcdiag /c.
  2. Send your writeup to service@u-tools.com. We might ask you to provide additional information about the problem.
  3. We will tell you if we think the AD problem can be fixed. If we think the problem is fixable, we will ask you to send us a snapshot of AD on the Domain Controllers that are having problems.
    1. Download and install U-Move on each DC. No purchase is necessary.
    2. Run U-Move and click on the tab Backup.
    3. Select the folder to store the .BKF snapshot file.
    4. When prompted, create a secret passphrase to encrypt the .BKF file (recommended).
    5. Click on Next until you see the button Finish.
    6. Click on Finish to create the .BKF file. This is always safe.
  4. Upload the .BKF snapshot file(s) to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. On Google Drive, grant access to service@u-tools.com. On Microsoft OneDrive, grant access to service@utools.onmicrosoft.com. Send us the link to download the .BKF file(s).

We will inspect the .BKF snapshot(s) and provide you with a cost estimate. If you agree to the repair, we will direct you to sign up for the AD Consulting and Repair Service.