NewU-Tools Software LLC is pleased to announce the release of U-Recover for Windows® Previous File Versions.

U-Recover lets you create snapshots of your files in Windows 10 just like you did on Windows 7.

What is a Volume Shadow Copy?

A Volume Shadow Copy is a read-only snapshot that contains a frozen image of all of the files on your computer disk (for example, C:). The image, called a volume snapshot, represents the state of the disk at a particular point in time. If you delete or accidentally damage a file, you can recover the file in Windows Explorer using the volume snapshot. (In Windows Explorer right-click or long-press and select Previous Versions.)

For More Information

To learn more about the exciting features that U-Recover adds to Windows 10, see the product description and the comprehensive on-line help documentation.

Volume and reseller discounts are available. Contact U-Tools Software for details.

Posted 2016/11/20
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