U-Move version 2.5.1720 adds additional detection of cases where the user attempts to clone Active Directory from a non-Advanced Format Disk (AFD) to an Advanced Format Disk when the operating system does not support it.

Old Microsoft operating systems do not support Active Directory on AFD drives, and they will crash when loading AD due to a disk sector size mismatch (512 byte sectors versus 4096 byte sectors). U-Move had previously detected this issue on Windows Server 2008 R2 and advised applying Microsoft hotfix KB982018.

Microsoft has since issued a hotfix for Vista and Windows Server 2008 (KB2553078). U-Move will now also check and display a warning message on Windows Server 2008 and advise applying hotfix KB2553078.

U-Move will now also display a warning message if the version of Microsoft Exchange Server does not support AFD and advise the user to upgrade to at least Exchange 2010 SP1 (or later). The only other supported workaround for older versions of Exchange (e.g., Exchange 2007 on Small Business Server 2008 where an upgrade is not possible) is to re-install Windows on the destination computer without an AFD disk.

U-Move 2.5.1720 also fixes an issue when the \Windows folder is not installed on C: (for example, D:\Windows). This is normally impossible except when upgrading in-place from Windows Server 2003.

All customers are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

Posted 2016/09/13
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