U-Tools: Unique Tools for Windows System Administrators
License Info

The "single" computer license is good for installation on one computer. When you install the software the product checks that the name of the computer matches the name embedded in the license. Once installed it is permanently tied to that physical computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change the name of my computer after I install the product?

A: Yes. The computer name is only checked the first time you install the product.

Q: I removed the product and changed my computer name. Now I want to re-install the product again. Can I do that?

A: Yes. The name of the computer is checked the only the first time you install the product. You can re-install the product as many times as you like.

Q: What do I use for the name of my computer?

A: Use the name you entered when you installed Windows. Click on the "Start" button. Move your mouse to Settings -> Control Panel and click the mouse button. Click on "System". Click on the tab "Computer Name". Type your computer name as shown.

Q: Do I need to enter the fully-qualified domain name?

A: No. If the computer's full domain name is "busybox.acme.com", use only "busybox".

Q: UMove runs on two computers, the source computer and the destination computer. Which name should I use, source or destination?

A: For UMove use the name of the source computer. The single computer license is limited to one source computer. It allows you to move Active Directory to any number of destination computers. (For repeated testing or training, for example.)

Q: I only want to install UMove on the destination computer, not on the source computer. What name should I use?

A: Use the name of the source computer. UMove will compare the name with the source computer name embedded in the .BKF file or in the registry hive on the dead hard disk.

Q: I bought a site license. Does it have any limitations?

A: None whatsoever. You can install it on as many computers as you like. (Assuming of course that you abide by the legal requirements of the site license.)

Q: How exactly does the license work?

A: When you first install the product it compares the name of the computer against the name embedded in the license. If they match, the product will decrypt a digital certificate and store it in the registry. The certificate allows you to run the product on that computer, permanently.

Q: Can a hacker steal this certificate and use it on another computer?

A: No. The certificate contains a machine signature that uniquely identifies the hardware on your computer.

Q: I changed my computer name, and I want to install a new Pentium motherboard and a new hard disk. Will the certificate still work?

A: Yes. If you continue to use the same motherboard, or hard disk, or Ethernet card, the certificate will continue to work. Only 1 of these 3 pieces of information needs to match your certificate. When you run the software the new hardware will be added to the certificate. To have a license problem all 3 components would have to change simultaneously -- very unlikely!

Q: Can't a hacker or software pirate simply switch the computer name to match the license, install the license, and then switch the name back again?

A: No. The setup program checks if the computer name was changed recently. It then invalidates the license code and prompts the user to contact support@u-tools·com to obtain a new license code.

Q: So as long as the computer name matches the license the first time (and only the first time) I install the product, everything is ok?

A: Yes!